Paul Villinski


Paul comments on his visit to Serenbe:


“I focused on collecting my ideas for future works, rather than trying to realize any major work itself. Part of this involved reviewing my existing journals and sketchbooks to sift through ideas from the preceeding decade. I described and documented possible sculptural works in notes and drawings, and made comprehensive lists of artworks that I expect to realize during the next five years or so. Ultimately, I Ieft Serenbe with a clear sense of the work that will occupy me in the studio and form the basis for my future exhibitions."

“The stay was indeed special! Several things combined to make it so; chief among them was the extremelywarm reception I received from the Serenbe community. The community welcomed me and expressed genuine interest in my work and experience as an artist, and was eager to share the pleasures of Serenbe with me. At the same time, everyone seemed to understand my need for a modicum of privacy and solitude, and I sensed that people “tread gently.” Overall, the warmth and supportiveness of the community was a kind of balm that I happily floated in during the month of my stay.
“The beautiful landscape and environs of Serenbe also played a central role in my enjoyment of the residency. Most days included a walk or run on the paths into the woods. Coming from the mixeduse, light industrial neighborhood of Long Island City (read: “no trees”), a month in the bucolic setting of Serenbe was extremely refreshing. I was so happy in that environment that it never even occurred to me to go into Atlanta.”

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Time Well Spent at Serenbe -- "The Dreamdesk"

While at Serenbe, Paul began concept work for what would eventually become a proposal for the East Rock School, City of New Haven, Percent for Art Program.  

The Drawings:



The Scaled Model: