Aatmaja Pandya

The Inkpot Focus Fellowship

Aatmaja Pandya

Awarded to an artist working in sequential narrative: illustration, comics, graphic novels, animation, gaming, et al.

May 1 - 31

About Aatmaja


Aatmaja Pandya is a cartoonist and illustrator from New York! She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2014 with a BFA Illustration degree. Her work is inspired by the stories she loved growing up, but set in a cultural context more familiar to her. Her current project is "Travelogue", a fantasy diary webcomic with a focus on character vignettes and world-building. 


AIR Serenbe supports artists of every discipline through our Focus Fellowship awards, nominated annually by our National Advisory Council—esteemed peers and experts in the field.  Focus Fellowships provide the opportunity for individuals, corporations, and other organizations to directly support artists and their influence on building healthy, creative communities. Funders of these awards have the chance to name the fellowship and to work closely with AIR Serenbe to determine what kind of artists (discipline, geography, demographic, subject) the fellowship will serve.  

To learn more about establishing a Focus Fellowship, contact AIR Serenbe Director Brandon Hinman at brandon@serenbe.com.