Samantha Berger


Samantha is the 2019 recipient of the Joy of Reading Focus Fellowship, awarded to an artist whose work celebrates diversity and inspires kindness, laughter, and the love of reading.


Samantha Berger may not be...

an otter with an attitude
a crankycrankycranky little boy
a pig who needs glasses
a Christmas reindeer
a princess on the potty
a sloth at a music festival
a witch at a day spa
a Sasquatch with anxiety
a snail traveling cross country
a girl riding a Pegacorn
a drawing that comes to life
a glamorous grandma
or a monster with major underwear dilemmas... 

BUT --  

she has written picture books about them ALL over the last 20 years! 

Samantha Berger is the award-winning author of over 80 picture books. More than that, Samantha LOVES picture books, and loves sharing them with people of all ages. Sam wrote for Nickelodeon for 12 years, and currently writes for Sesame Street in Communities, Sesame Street International. Sam likes to see as much of the world as she can, and do as much good as she can along the way. She is an official We Need Diverse Books 2019 Mentor, and looks forward to helping new voices and new stories shine. Samantha lives in both New York City, and sunny Santa Monica with her Dingo-Chihuahua rescue dog Polly Pocket, who is a daily reminder of resilience and the power of love.