Eric Deines

In residence October 1 - October 5, 2018

eric deines headshot.JPG

Eric Deines, 36, was born into that slim slice of time that future scholars will decidedly pronounce The Sunset of Generation X or The Dawn of Millennials. The simple truth is that he was born into a no-man’s land — culturally, geographically, and even within his own genealogy. It is fitting, then, that his absurdist art attempts in no discernible way to reconcile the paradoxes of living in the material world at this Particular Moment as someone who was born at A Particular Time. By day, in his work as Director of A&R at global record label Jagjaguwar, Deines helps artists achieve their unique visions. By night, he cooks up his own. His rather large works on paper are influenced by Petier Bruegel the Elder (whom Deines considers one of the funniest painters in history) as much as they are Adventure Time, by Horace Pippin as much as Disney’s 1929 skeleton dance short, ‘Silly Symphony.’ Pencil scratches pile up into odd textures that depict sometimes-caustic, sometimes-daffy scenes — often featuring a cast of reoccurring characters like ogling, anthropomorphic tombstones; homunculi in tall red dunce hats; and the screaming horse from Picasso’s Guernica (who is most-likely a stand-in for Deines' biological father). At Air Serenbe in early October, Deines will be at work on six big works on paper for a Charlotte, NC exhibition at Good Year Arts Gallery titled A Posthumous Performance.