Dame Wilburn

In residence September 3 - September 6, 2018

Dame Wilburn Alumni Artist.jpg

Dame S. Wilburn was born in Macon, Georgia. Her family moved to Detroit when she was very young but felt that connection to home was essential. Dame spent all of her summers in Macon with both sides of her family. The summers spent in her grandmother’s backyard are the foundation of her work. At an early age she was able to craft stories that entertained adults and kids. It wasn’t long before her mother enrolled her in a private school with an arts based curriculum. Dame spent yeas listening to stories, writing poetry, and developed a love of words and how they convey ideas. This love of words lead to her “story poem” style of writing.

Currently, Dame is a community educator with Generation With Promise out of Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan. Dame spends her free time writing poetry, singing and painting. Dame has performed her stories at several Moth Mainstage events. She is also working on her first book “Sugar Plum”.