Atlanta Science Festival Project Residency

in residence march 19 - march 24, 2017

The Atlanta Science Festival Project Residency pairs an artist with an Atlanta-based scientist for time and space to work and explore alongside one another.

In this exploration of parallel practices, the artist and the scientist will complete a residency at AIR Serenbe, benefitting from a period of prolonged inquiry and exchange. The artist will visit the scientist’s lab, and the scientist will spend time in the artist’s studio. In 2017, for our pilot year, we paired Blue Delliquanti, illustrator and graphic novelist, with Chelsea Thomas, insect breeder and on amphibians specialist at Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Blue is working on a graphic novel about insect cuisine, Meal, and Chelsea is an expert in all things edible bugs. At the end of the residency, we presented a sold-out public presentation/conversation/tasting Manuel’s Tavern, as a signature event on Atlanta Science Festival’s schedule. This Project Residency will reach new audiences and develop stronger relationships in the science and arts communities, as well as the growing field of work that blends the two disciplines.


Blue Delliquanti is an Ignatz-nominated artist and illustrator based in Minneapolis. She has also lived in California, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Switzerland. She graduated from Franklin College Switzerland in 2011.

Blue’s work has appeared in several comics anthologies, including Womanthology, Smut Peddler, The Sleep of Reason, and Beyond. She has also collaborated on several nonfiction comics, such as The Accidental Candidate (written by David Axe and Corey Hutchins) and New York Times bestseller  Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It’s Necessary, How It Works (assisting Nathan Schreiber).


Chelsea Thomas is the head of the Amphibian Conservation Program at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where she grows feeder invertebrates (a.k.a. bugs) for the frogs in her care. At home, she has been farming her own bugs and learning how to cook them for her family, friends and even local livestock.