BK Adams.png

Adams, a multidisciplinary artist who’s known around Washington D.C. for his vibrant public installations, has long been a part of the local arts scene—he had a solo show at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum last year featuring more than 50 of his works. In 2010, Worn Magazine followed him around his neighborhood and into his Jackson Pollock-esque paint-spattered studio. Adams’s work puts everyday objects into unusual surroundings, such as a bright blue chair placed on a stack of books called “Sitting on Knowledge 1.”

“BK sees himself as the city’s “premier ambassador of art for all people.” A self-described “walking exhibit,” BK’s eclectic public art installations are known to pop up like spring flowers all over the city without notice. Some of his art has been displayed in galleries. All of it is embraced by his growing fan base. (His most recent accolade was the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts, the “2011 Janos Enyedi Artist of the Year Award.)”

(Visiting Artist 2013)