Scott Browning


For the past two years, Scott Browning has been working on a project called Public Domain–– a series of short films made entirely from archival source footage that exists in the public domain (everything from turn of the century Edison-era films to amateur and ephemeral films of the 1950s). During his two weeks at Serenbe, he furthered this project and also met fellow artist-in-residence, Michael David, and StudioSwan artist Tom Swanston. The three began a business partnership and founded the Fine Arts Workshops at Serenbe.

Scott Browning on his Residency:

The base elements of an artist residency program are simple: time and space. The creative potential that lies within this simple formula is quite profound. The realities of my day-to-day life (not unlike that of most artists who work “real jobs” to pay the rent) tend to preclude extended periods of quiet contemplation, thus when I sit down to work, time dictates that I need to know what I am doing. By removing many of these constraints, a residency provides a safe environment that encourages experimentation and discovery (think of it as the research and development department of the arts). It is an environment that provides every opportunity for success, but just as importantly, allows for the opportunity to fail (failure being the most common ingredient of success).