2018 Teaching Artists Summit

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We are pleased to partner with Four Corners Fellowship to host the inaugural Teaching Artists Summit at Serenbe this spring.

In our experience, the best version of a “teaching artist” is a working artist who is dedicated to their own craft, but who is also committed to the empowerment of young people and the cultivation of community. They are not interested in a solitary development of their art, but are invested in engagement and education that increases their students’ and mentees’ access to skills, resources, justice, safety, and joy. Finding teaching artists who are dedicated to these principles is both rare and also possible, but so many of them are isolated from each other, forced to “reinvent the wheel” within their own region, without a space to share best practices, seek help, or recharge.

The 2018 Teaching Artists Summit, curated by Sarah Kay and Mahogany L. Browne, will convene nine teaching artists from all over the country for three days in Chattahoochee Hills, GA. The goals of the summit are:

  • To recognize and celebrate the work of teaching artists who have proven themselves to be dedicated and generous educators, mentors, artists, and activists.

  • To identify the parts of our work that overlap, how we can help each other, depend on each other, and form professional relationships and a network of exceptional teaching artists.

  • To gift teaching artists an opportunity to experience creative growth as individual artists, and the time and space to recharge their hearts and brains.

  • To ask teaching artists to recommit to the work of community, justice, and craft, and to share their collective wisdom in order to assist and uplift the next generation of teaching artists (in the form of an informal “resource” that includes “Best Practices,” suggestions, wisdom from the field, etc.)

On Friday, May 4th, we will present a public showcase of this year's summit artists. Purchase tickets for this one-night event HERE.

2018 Featured Teaching Artists:

Sarah Kay / New York, NY
Mahogany L. Browne / Brooklyn, NY
Amanda Torres / Brooklyn, NY
José Olivarez / Chicago, IL
Sofía Snow / New York, NY
Isa Borgeson / San Francisco/Oakland, CA
Whitney Greenaway / New York, NY and Dominica
Matthew Cuban / Los Angeles, CA
Qiana Cutts / Atlanta, GA