2018 Fuel & Lumber Project Residency 


The Fuel & Lumber Project Residency will provide The Fuel & Lumber Company founders, Amy Pleasant and Pete Schulte—and a set of artists they select—the time and space needed to
develop an exciting new exhibition to be installed in Whitespace Gallery in July of 2018.

This Project Residency, designed to bring production and presentation together in one season, offers a rare opportunity to support artists and curators (and artists who are also curators) and to directly link our residency program with an Atlanta gallery.

This year's Fuel & Lumber Project Residency artists are Rubens Ghenov, Matt Phillips, and Sarah Phyllis Smith.

Fuel & Lumber Company

In our collective past, most American towns had a fuel and lumber company to provide basic goods and services. Believing art and culture to be among the needs vital to the health of any community, artists Amy Pleasant and Pete Schulte founded The Fuel And Lumber Company in Birmingham, Alabama to facilitate exhibitions and related programming in the Southeast and beyond. The Fuel And Lumber Company is an idea, not a traditional brick and mortar space, dedicated to contemporary art and community engagement.